Saturday 28 March 2020

Grinding Halt (Pair, despair, repair)

Dance before the storm

Grinding halt 
Everything's coming to a grinding halt 
Everything's coming to a grinding halt''
The above is an excerpt from The Cure's song 'Grinding Halt' and keeps filling my head-space at this current time with all the Covid-19 issues going on. Life has certainly slowed down. I wish The Cure were The Cure.
No plans, no goals, no races, no ParkRun, no audax, no TransAlba, stopped short, grinding halt, everything's coming to a grinding halt...
At least my family and friends are well and that's certainly what is most important. I'm blessed to be fit and healthy too. Praise and thanks to God.
Rapunzel self-isolated for years...
So what happens next? Not sure. ParkRun-A-Month and my Audax RRtY won't be happening as initially planned. Things will re-start when they re-start. It is what it is. The second instalment of the TransAlba Race has been postponed until 27 June 2021. That kinda suits me too. I went from pair (Jamie and I) to despair (solo, just me) but now it looks like repair (Jamie and I).
Still dancing...
Ha! Whatever, I'll keep dancing before the storm....

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