Sunday 27 June 2010

The Giants of Geneva

What a great couple of weeks I've had cycling. Last week I completed my Paris to Geneva challenge, and the week before I completed my London to Paris challenge. All in all, this means I have completed my London to Geneva (L2G) challenge and hence finished what I set out to do. The purpose of this blog was to record my training, goals, stresses, ramblings and of course my L2G challenge. So what do I do know? That is a question a number of folk are asking me. Whilst I consider that question, let me provide some statistics.

Cycled 317.95 miles from London to Paris in 4 days.
Cycled 345.98 miles from Paris to Geneva in 4 days.
Therefore, cycled 663.93 miles from London to Geneva.Thanks and praises be to God for keeping me safe, providing me with the strength I required. God blessed me with senses that enabled me to see the gorgeous countryside, hear incredible noises and sounds along the way (plus the groans and moans of others), taste the delights of the chefs cooking, smell many sweet flowers and odours and generally feel awesome (with the minor ache and pain).

This challenge enabled me to help others too. Thus far I have raised £363 for the Christadelphian Meal-a-Day Fund (CMaD). It's not too late to sponsor me either should you so wish, please visit my JustGiving page at

Ok, so what next? Well I have already cycled a further 17 miles on Scotty my mountain bike, so cycling is not going to stop. I think I will continue this blog and record my next event, however big and small and hope that some challenges take shape. I have a vague plan of completing my second LEJOG trip this year and hope to compete in a duathlon using my mountain bike. Clive the Dr has sent me to a link of a challenge in the Alps where one has to climb through something silly like 98 hairpin bends (let's hope he was joking). I guess there's always the Paris-Brest-Paris 1200k audax?! My next challenge is less than 2 weeks away and is a 300k (190 mile) audax event. I have never cycled this distance before, but let's hope I can report back and say that I have.

To all those who have followed my blog thus far many thanks. Big thanks to all those who have supported me too. And thanks again to all my sponsors, it's us working as a team that brings about change.

Weekly totals: Cycled a distance of 362 miles.

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  1. Keep the blog going Doo! It is kind of hard to know what to do next isn't it? I have a few thoughts in the pipeline and certainly the cycling will continue - can't stop now!

    Hopefully our regular readers will stick with us during a brief downtime before we ramp up our fantastic blogs again for the next challenge. I know it takes a bit of extra dedication to keep a blog going on the road, so respect for doing it, and keep on going!

    See you soon hopefully



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