Friday 4 February 2011

Sorry Emma

An earlier blog entry this week, as I have a few things to shout about.

Training wise has been ok on the running front and not so good on the cycling front. Started the training week with a run over the fields of Studley with Cody. Cody's performance was quite poor - alas the vet continues to monitor her weight and says she is still over. Later in the week, I ran the Studley triangle with SJ. SJ's performance was quite ace - alas, not only was this her first run of the triangle, she needed the loo too! Maybe this explains why we ran the triangle so fast!

Missed out on cycling with both Ron and John in the week as I opted to go to the cinema instead. Watched 'The King's Speech', which was good but not necessarily a film I would shout about. Anyways, did manage a lap of the Deer route with Ron later in the week. I repeated this route in reverse the following day and now call this route the Reed route (can you see what I've done there?!).

I hope this limited amount of training is enough to make the planned 'Mr Pickwick Takes Flight' 200k audax tomorrow a nice enjoyable, not-too-painfull experience. Time will tell. Will blog about this said audax soon enough.

Received my Audax Uk Handbook (2011) this week. Was pleased to see that my name had been entered twice in the 'Audax UK Brevet and Randonneur Awards' section. I am officially a 2010 Randonneur 1,000 (1 of 169 AUK members). My second award was the 2010 Brevet 500 (1 of 315 AUK members). In addition to this, my name was also printed in the 'Arrivee' magazine (no.110, Winter 2011) as a New Randonneur. I was 1 of 249 members to be welcomed to the rank of AUK Randonneur - this was for cycling 200 km or over for the first time in the 2008/2009 season.
Talking of Randonnees, this brings me to my next sponsored challenge. I have signed up for the British Heart Foundation (BHF) 100 mile South Downs Way Randonnee on the 30th July 2011. This will be a tough event as it's all off road and hence I'll be using my mountain bike. All sponsor monies raised will be to support the BHF. Please sponsor me here:
Many thanks to those who sponsored my last challenge - 'Help for Happy's'. Lots of money was raised and we were able to buy a number of wheel chairs for poor disabled orphaned kids in South Africa at Happy's School. I have just booked tickets to South Africa and will be visiting the project at Happy's this year, God willing.

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