Saturday 10 March 2012

The Cotswold Corker March 2012 / Naughty girls

Good start to the week with a blast around the Deer Route with Ron. Scotty is still fitted with slicks and am thinking about swapping these back to my 'Rocket Rons' at the end of March. Have been real happy with my slicks but now that Winter is nearly over, I think I will swap tyres and start cycling more off-road routes.

Rollers continue to scream when ridden on. Ron's rollers have the same issue (we have the same rollers). We think the bearings have gone in these Tacx rollers. Am hoping Ron's research provides a solution to the screaming soon.

Very cold cycle on Tuesday morning. Took Cayo for a lap around the 'TTT 20' route. Visibility was very poor, a misty type fog covering the landscape. It must have been below freezing in the night and was only just above freezing when I cycled. Ice particles could be seen forming on my jacket.
Wednesday was a great day. I went running with my favourite two girls, namely SJ and Cody Menace. We ran the Handlebar Route. Both girls were on good form this day. Cody was quite zoomy from the start and ran pretty well all the way around. Ground was quite muddy and slippy in parts but it felt so good to do an off-road route after what seems like quite some time. Felt kinda strange being in my off-road trainers. On the way back, SJ and I sprinted from the bridge to the top of the field. SJ is going to have no problems nailing her London 2012 Marathon!

Friday saw me complete The Cotswold Corker (permanent) audax again. The first major hill (Bushcombe Lane) still remains unbeaten! Grr! Like the last time I battled this hill, I made it to the top without pushing my bike or walking. However, just like last time, I put a foot down (car menace) before reaching the summit. As usual, I got lost again, but this time in a different place. I took a wrong turn before Bisley which added a hilly 10k or so to my journey. On route I spotted a group of about 15 deer and 3 birds of prey which was nice. The only other bizarre detail I must add was just past the last control heading towards the arrivee. I saw an adult female walking on the other side of the road but heading in the same direction as me. She looked a little odd from behind because she was wearing a trilby hat and I could see she was holding something. This something was a gun! And this gun was firing shots! Just as I levelled with her she turned around to face me and I swear, for a moment, I thought she was going to shoot me. This female appeared a bit retarded and just said 'alright'. I replied 'alright' and sped off. I think the gun was a toy or replica, but it spooked me all the same. Cycled 112k (69 miles) during this audax.
When I reached home, after the audax event detailed above, I was pleased to see the post man had been. I had a packet containing my Paris Brest Paris (PBP) 2011 medal which was engraved with my finish time (77 hours and 14 minutes). Also included in the packet was a PBP DVD (the 17th edition, i.e. the event I cycled in 2011), my brevet card from event and a magazine listing all the results. The results magazine made a good read and records all entrants, their countries and finish times etc. The magazine also recorded two participants who were given red cards (denied homologation). Marco Oro received his red card as he covered part of the route in a car and Denis Moran received his for riding under different identities. Shame on them!
Saturday was full of naughtiness. My dearly beloved SJ went to London for her Hen Party celebrations. SJ (and her sister) got kicked out of a theatre for being loud mouthed. How naughty! I cycled 20 miles by completing the TTT 20 Route, on Florence my naughty bike. Florence is a fixed speed / single speed track bike, fitted with a flip-flop hub. I have set her to single speed. If I wanted fixed speed, I would just need to remove the rear wheel and spin it round 180 degrees. Simples. Florence's debut ride was pretty neat. Hard to explain how she rode, but here goes... She was like an automatic, in that no gears were present and because of this the handlebars seem bare with no cables sticking out. Weird at times, trying to shift gear leavers that do not exist. Hills required more effort and could feel my heart pounding. Descents were mostly free-wheeled - provided opportunity to get my breath back. Was real pleased that no hill beat me and that I managed to climb that nasty hill at the end of that undulating road to Astwood Bank. How cool is that?! I cycled this route on Tuesday (on Cayo, my 2x10 speed carbon road bike) in 1 hour and 16 mins. Todays cycle on Florence (a single speed Revolution 12 Track bike form Edingburgh Bicycle Cooperative) took 1 hour and 16 mins too! Florence's ride was way more intensive and fun!
Weekly totals: Cycled 125 miles; Ran 3.1 miles.

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  1. She looks a nice girl that FLORENCE!!
    Again RESPECT for that PBP ride truely awesome mate - I still can't get my head round it!
    See you on a sportive long as the wife let's you out!!!


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