Monday 19 March 2012

Hen and Stag

Started the week with a good old run with SJ. I think she was pleased to run again after partying last weekend at her hen do. We ran the 678 route in Worcester. The first half of this run was in daylight which made a change - the seasons are changing for sure. We sprinted the last section back to SJ's yard and then enjoyed a nice big steak! I have a photo that SJ took during her hen do and strangely enough, it is a picture of a collection of bikes! How cool.
The first cycle of the week was on Wednesday. I took Florence around the TTT 20 Route and shaved 5 minutes from the time she did her debut ride last week. Completed the ride in 1 hour and 11 minutes, which was the fastest time I completed this ride on Cayo my road bike. Time trials aren't really my thing but this is fun and for sure I hope to beat this time.

Woke up Thursday with a bad head. My neighbours were complete menace - they were banging and shouting from 1 a.m. and then started to play disco tunes until 5 a.m. Grr! Maybe I should tie them up with inner tubes, beat them with bicycle chains and spray them with oil?! I decided to try and brighten my mood by taking Florence for a lap around the TTT 20 Route. Completed the lap slower than Wednesday's time but what do you expect after little sleep?! It was good to get out, even if visibility was real poor due to the fog. Feeling slightly better, I washed Queeny and Cayo, removed Scotty's slicks and replaced with Rocket Rons on my return home. Chained all my bikes up and looked forward to my stag do - cycling in the Forest of Dean!

On Friday I headed down to the Forest of Dean to meet up with Chris Hodge, Ron, Dave Meakin, Robin, Ade and Chris (potato head) to celebrate my stag do. We all shared a wonderful log cabin located at Whitemead (I think) that Chris Hodge had researched and had a wonderful time. The whole weekend was spent mountain biking around trails in the forest and celebrating my last week as a single man. This blog has been posted late - maybe I'll add some photo's to a future blog once 'the others' have downloaded some to Facebook.

Weekly totals: Ran 6.1 miles; Cycled 85 miles.

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