Saturday 20 July 2013

Dave Hinde Sucks

All my training this week, just like the previous couple, has been using my single-speed machine 'Florence'. This was because despite Dave Hinde assuring my rear wheel would be built up and reach me 'within 7-10 days', it still has not. At time of blogging this is 17 days after ordering.

Dave Hinde do not like to talk to their customers in person, preferring them to correspond via email. On many occasions where I have contacted the shop, the staff have for the most part been quite rude. This was especially true of a guy called 'Howard'. However, Howard did provide me with some advice - he suggested it is not a good idea to order from Dave Hinde and said that he would not. Foolish or not, I will take that piece of advice from an idiot. Dave Hinde emails were interesting - on Monday I was informed my wheel had left the factory, on Friday was informed it was awaiting collection from a courier. It currently appears that my wheel will arrive 3 weeks after I had paid for it. Dave Hinde sucks!

With my road bike still residing at a local bike shop (with a as yet un-tested dynamo hub), I will continue with blogging about my training. I rode a few relatively short rides again this week. Each of my route GPX tracks are presented below.
Roof Chasing 63k
The 'I dislike Dave Hinde' ride 101k
DH and certain Porsche driver take the biscuit ride 68k
Last week I had wanted to ride 2 x 200k events but without an available road bike considered it futile to attempt same. Being so close to LEL, a 200k event on my single-speed for the first time was considered silly. I still attempted to cycle 400k but fell short and cycled 362k. This week I would have liked to have cycled my last 200k ride before LEL but this didn't happen for same reasons listed above. My plan was to still cycle 200k - I actually clocked 232k. My total distance cycled this year now stands at 6,983k. Only 1 week to LEL (and still no rear wheel...)! 

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