Sunday 7 July 2013

Floggin' Florence

Can you spot the difference with the GPX track above and the one below?!
Well, the difference was that the bottom track was cycled in the reverse direction. Also, the bottom track missed out a little loop in Walcote known as 'Leg Break Hill'. How I missed out that loop, I am not sure. These 2 rides were both ridden the same week-day in glorious hot sunshine on Florence, my single speed machine. Yup, Florence! Some might recall a while back that I blogged about 'Florence's last trip' - well, Florence's fate was not as terminal as some folk thought! Florence remains in a zombie like state but I chose to ride her as my road bike is being serviced and wheels are being built. I still plan to flog Florence but in the interim am floggin' her in a different fashion.

On saturday I took Florence out on a mystery trek where I followed a random GPX file that I downloaded a while back. Not sure how I managed to miss out half the ride but that I did. I would have preferred to miss out the messy sludgy Moss Lane! My route is presented below.
Managed to squeeze in one further ride on Sunday again using Florence. This was a stolen route I have named 'BG SR 3'. A nice route which led to Lowsonford and back. My route is presented below.
Cycled a total of 157k this week. Good old Florence! My yearly total now stands at 6,389k!

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