Sunday 25 May 2014

All MiXeD Up

This week saw me complete 2 there-and-back work commutes. I decided to use more of the tow path on these commutes and avoided the Rea Valley Cycle route. This was a good plan on the first run as the path was flat and fast. The second run was much menace as the path was very wet and 100's of puddles had appeared. Suffice to say I was covered in mud. Parts of the tow path are being repaired but a new bridge has finally been built just after Arrow Valley Lake.
My new wheel was finally hand-built and delivered. This wheel was for my audax bike and has a dynamo hub with a super H PLUS SON rim and sapin spokes. Doesn't it look just great?! I can't wait to take Slinky out for a spin now. Am thinking of completing the Severn and Estuary 200k perm next week.
Made slight changes to Jenny and Scotty this week too. I was never really happy with the DT Swiss skewers on my MTB but these quick release jobbies were much better than Jenny's bolt on skewers. So, said DT Swiss skewers are now on Jenny and they match the bike just fine and obviously make the wheels quick-release too.
I also added some jingly jangly spoke reflectors to Jenny's wheels. These spoke reflectors were as cheap as chips, look great and are a good safety feature. Said spoke reflectors now appear on a few of my bikes. Jenny certainly looks pimped up now!
So, what about Scotty?! Well, Scotty was fitted with some awesome looking Halo skewers I had. These were packaged as Porkies MTB skewers so are surely fit for purpose!
My spare wheel will now be fitted to Kay-O. Kay-O will then be an awesome single-speed road bike with a dynamo hub and be useful for audax purposes or night riding. It's all mixed up.

Cycled 116k this week (all commute).
Yearly distance to date is 3,374k.

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