Sunday 11 May 2014

Bridge (or not as the case may be)

First adventure of this week was a quick blast on my single-speed MTB with Aid. We cycled up Callow Hill to the Jimney Ring, took a left and returned home. Nice and easy. About time Aid made an appearance!
Old habits die hard!
Continued to commute to work on bicycle and made 2 there-and-back cycles. The first commute was straight forward and as pleasant as usual. The second commute was a tad more menace.

The second commute was menace because as I followed the usual route through Arrow Valley Lake, the bridge crossing the river, leading to Churchill, had gone! Vanished, missing, gone! There was a sign stating the bridge was going to be rebuilt but not finished till end of month. There was no way to cross the river and no diversion instructions. I was lost and took a gamble in finding my way. A slightly busier road took me as far as King's Norton before I picked up my usual route. 

My commute home was also a wee bit different because I deliberately took a change of route. I added significantly more distance but that was ok. Once at King's Norton I headed for Earlswood Lakes just because they are so pretty. A bridge just after the lakes had been newly built (seems to be a theme here) which was nice to cross. As I cycled home, I thought, will this be my last commute using Kay-O?

Cycled 161k this week. Total distance this year, thus far, is 3,079k.

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