Friday 29 August 2014

Badger cooling and the Stroud 5 Valleys

Started the week by going for a blast around the AM SR 1 route. Had been ages since I last cycled this route and it re-reminded me what a great loop it was. Kay-O, my single-speed road bike was my weapon of choice. I had almost forgotten how awesome she was too - even better now she is equipped with a dynamo hub and front light.

My next adventure was a blast around the Stroud 5 Valleys 50k audax. I have cycled this many times - it's a great, relatively short ride, that awards a single AAA (hilly) point. (In fact, it now awards 1.25 AAA points). I only need to cycle this route 1 more time next month to complete my AAARTY award.
Another reason I like to cycle this audax is because I recently made friends with a set of badgers. They kindly asked me to do some promotional work for them least time we met. I obliged and added stuff to both my blog and FaceBook. The poor badgers keep facing a cull. I met with a whole bunch of them again on this ride and was hoping one would cycle a short stretch with me.
 All these friendly badgers. Do you think I could find just one that might like a cycle? Well, guess what ...
Sure enough, I found one willing badger. Granted, he didn't cycle long or far but he cycled none the less. He left me at the next control and went in search of mashed potato. I really do hope I meet the entire badger family on my next cycle out here. If like me, you wish to become a badger supporter, please check out the flyer below.
During the course of the week, I managed 1 work-and-back commute. Used my single-speed road bike again, as my Genesis single-speed cyclo-cross bike is still awaiting repairs. I wish I could get solid rubber tyres for my commute bike.

I was hoping to take my own badger cub (Lunar) out for her first cycle this week. A bike seat was acquired and fitted but I couldn't find a helmet small enough for her. I've ordered a Specialized small fry helmet and will just have to wait until she grows into it.

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