Monday 18 August 2014

Over the Moon

Soon my cycling adventures will have to seriously start to wind down. We are coming to the end of this years cycling season and next year I will, God willing, have another mouth to feed. Necessity dictates that I slow down.

With my cycling challenges being somewhat dampened, I'm sure I'll have other challenges to face. Crying babies, sleepless nights, and the likes all come to mind. Stuff that I'm sure no-one will really care to read about. With that in mind, I thought I'd create a sister daughter site and record challenges that my little one faces as she toddles through life. The blog site is entitled 'Over the Moon' and can be found by following this link: Over the Moon

Below is a sample (3rd post) from the 'Over the Moon' blog.

Daddy saw the National Trust (NT) website had a 'thing' on it called '50 things to do before you're 11 & 3/4'. Before I could say 'over the moon', he had signed me up for it. What was I in for?!
Wild blackberries growing at the top of Doo Little drive
The first challenge I completed was challenge #21 'pick blackberries growing in the wild'. Daddy walked me to the top of our drive, armed me with a little pot and instructed me to pick.
Before long, I had filled my little pot with lots of fat delicious blackberries. I wasn't allowed to eat any until the pot was full. Once the pot was full, daddy made me wash them too.
Mmmm, they really were delicious. I think I am going to enjoy my challenges that lay ahead!

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