Friday 3 April 2015

A busy week

A number of my friends, families and associates have been doing or have planned all sorts of wonderful things of late. Lin is raising monies for 'Population Matters' and plans to cycle 100 miles, check out her page here: Lin's page. Jess Pearson is planning to climb Mount Snowdon at midnight and raise money for Alzheimers, visit her page here: Jess's page. Dave Bushel plans to raise money for prostate cancer awareness by cycling 100 miles, check his page here: Dave's page. Si and Andy will be raising monies soon too for charity by cycling the Tour de France a week before the professionals (watch this space). 

Closer to home, Ron had been busy acquiring bike related stuff. His current mantra being ‘buy bike stuff now, repent later’. He had some wonderful new kit but don’t think his Mrs was too impressed. Ron has been busy completing qualifying events for PBP.

That’s what other folk are doing, what about me?! Well, I plan to complete my 200 and 300 PBP qualifiers this month and hope to ride with Jamie, Andy, Trev, Becky Burns and potentially Chris. Most of us are contemplating PBP but I don’t think any of us have completed a qualifying ride this season.

I am still trying to beat my running 5k PB time of 22:14 and plan at least one further Parkrun this month. Was hoping Aid would join me as he seemed to be doing just fine, however, he’s injured after a personal training session or something. Can you believe it? I wonder if it’s really because he got ‘chicked’ by his niece Katie on their last Parkrun together?!

As for my training this past week, it really was quite active. I commuted to work and back by cycle on 3 occasions. On my first trip it was really windy, with gusts around 45mph. A tree had fallen and blocked the tow path and I managed to tear my overshoes in the scramble to get around it. The return leg was very wet and very cold – I had no feeling in my hands once I returned home. The second commute had all seasons in one ride and another fallen tree had to be dealt with. I also had to sacrifice a buff on this trip as I had an emergency. Third commute was nice into work and I didn't get drenched on my return, despite the weather warnings - bonus!. Ran into work on one occasion with my funky new shoes. I might take these shoes back because they didn't make me run faster! Lastly, I had a short trek on my single –speed road bike during my off day which was nice.

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