Friday 25 September 2015

Tim Tom's Time to Taper?!

Melody sporting my new Sky Rapha cap which was given to me last week
Monday: Started this week with a run. 10k. Interval style. I followed the formula - 10 mins warm up; 5 x 1k run (with 400m recovery); cool down to finish. Felt I had worked quite hard despite some much zoomier runner racing past me. The drizzly weather helped cool me down.
Not called intervals for nothing
Tuesday: Work and back cycle commutes. Had felt like an age since I had last cycled to work and back. Slight menace in that I have to walk to my parents to get my bike - have no garage you see. Very misty morning, lovely evening return.

Wednesday: Cycled again. This time took an evening ride with Ron. This was a nice leisurely jolly.
Evening ride with the phantom
Thursday: Sat on my laurels.

Friday: Long run. Just over 10 miles. Last lengthy run before the big one. The big one being my first ever marathon - The Heart of England Forest Marathon. This run started at the very beautiful Coughton Ford.
Most of the route was off-road. I was trying to follow the yellow public footway signs which led across fields. A number of fields had recently been ploughed and the public pathways were ploughed up too (or just didn't exist). Sometimes, large machinery was placed as if to prevent access across the footways. Menace.
Transformer trying to block my path
I didn't let anything stop me from making my way to Oversley Wood. SJ ran around this wood lots during her marathon training and I was yet to run around it once. Am pleased to report my route took me to Oversley Wood and I had great delight in running around it.
The Wood is a great place to run. No traffic and much wider than a tow path. I spotted 2 jack deer in the wood too - bonus. Unlike a tow path though, this was relatively hilly.
Oversley Wood was about half-way. On my return, I took a different route though covered some stretches I had already ran. My completed route can be seen on the GPX track log below.
Long run, 17.82k
Today gave me the chance to sport my new Macmillan running vest. Macmillan sent me this vest as a gift because I informed them I will attempt to raise a few quids for them next year when I swim/bike/run another crazy event. Next year, during same event I will also raise money for Scope and maybe a few other charities that are close to my heart. And, on the subject of charity - a big big thanks to all of you who have kindly donated to my Papyrus cause. To date we have raised £170 which is pretty fine.
Saturday: Quick run before work. 5k. Ran around Canon Hill Park. SJ was running her couch to 5k thing today too. It was cold and misty when I ran, SJ had the sunshine.
5k run
Sunday: Great end to the week. Attended tri-club and had sessions in all 3 disciplines. Felt like a real triathlete.

The swim session was length after length after length. Sometimes with a buoy, sometimes with a float and sometimes without. My swimming is pants. The bike session was a spin class. This was the second time I have ever span and this class was way better than my first. I think I set the bike up better on this occasion. Rather unexpectedly, this session ended and a run was offered. Only 5 of us ran but it made the session feel more tri-like. 
3.18k run (twice round the track, then twice outer circle)
I didn't set my GPS until I had ran around the track once, but was easy to see how far I ran because I only had to add 400m. Nice to finish a week feeling buzzed up. Bring on the marathon!

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