Friday 2 October 2015

The 5 days before the big 'un.

This week did not go to plan. My thigh muscles (quadriceps) felt shot after the trip-club session on Sunday gone. I blame the spin class! The spin class went fine (compared to my previous spin) at the time, but afterward, oh my goodness! For this reason, Monday was spent recovering!

My muscles were still really quite painful on Tuesday. I had made plans to cycle with Roger and I wasn't going to let him down. When I rocked up at Roger's he was just recovering from a cold, so we (thankfully) decided to go on a shorter ride today. We had a nice time cycling his tandem and essentially cycled a loop going  to Hockley Heath and back.
Tandem ride with Roger, 44k
The weather was fine. The company was great. Not to mention the food we ate! We stopped at Wedges cafe and ate a lovely pork bap which was ginormous! Yummers.
When I left Roger's abode, he handed me a copy of his 'cycling CV'. Impressive CV it was too. Roger has cycled numerous audax events and as a blind guy, now in his 70's, on a tandem, is just amazing. He had cycled at least 12 x 100k events including the Cotswold Corker (very hilly) and the Snowdrop and Sunrise Express. Roger cycled 25 x 200k events including the Cheltenham Flyer and the Droitwich/Towcester. Better yet, he cycled 9 x 300k events including the hilly Elenith and the wonderful Heart of England. He cycled 6 x 400k events and 5 of these were the Brevet Cymru. I have cycled the Brevet Cymru twice and it really is a top ride. Roger cycled 2 x 600k events, both of these was Bernie's Long Flat One. Roger earned Super Randonneur status in 1991 and 2001. Over and above that, Roger cycled LEJOG audax style in 1990 and covered 1400k on his tandem. Lastly, Roger cycled Aberystwyth to Great Yarmouth audax style (500k) in 1991. Roger is a legend. In another blog, I might rave on about all his cycling holidays...

Midweek and my thighs were still real achey. Hmm, only a few days to go to my impending marathon. I had wanted to run twice this week and cover 9 miles. That was my plan. I ran just over 6.5k on the Wednesday and figured that would be it until the big 'un. My legs still ached. My diet had been real bad and oh well, whatever, never mind.

Thursday was spent resting my pins. They had started to feel better.  The London Marathon Folk had sent me a parcel. This parcel contained a magazine which basically informed 'sorry loser', you have not got a ballot place for the 2016 marathon. Shame that (sarcasm). As way of consolation, they sent me a rather funky Spiderman suit. Bonus!
Friday was spent panicking! 

My run is tomorrow. Arghh. If you would like to sponsor me (and a big big thanks to those that have), please visit here!


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