Sunday 22 November 2015

Week 35 (Great start, naff end)

Monday: Swam 10  x 150 metres. Very displeased to see that other tri-club members had swam twice that distance in half the time. I must have forgot to take my boots off.
Tuesday: Due to the weather (heavy rain), my tandem cycle ride with Roger was cancelled. Still wanting to you out, I took my single-speed road bike on a jolly to Long Marston airfield and back. Route there was a bad choice - tow path and the Stratford Greenway which were both bumpy, wet and muddy. Would have been great on a cyclo-cross bike. Once at the airfield, I did a kinda memory lap of the marathon I ran last week. If I'd have gone out with Roger, we would have visited a cafe for sure, so I thought of him as I munched on a sausage bap here at the airfield. Return route was much better as I stuck to the roads. Cycled just over 60k in all.
62.9k jolly
In the evening, I ran a short route in very windy weather. Pleased the rain had stopped. This run was only about 4k and my legs felt quite stiff.

Wednesday: Early morning swim. Continuous. 1,500m in about 50 minutes.

After the swim, my wife took me to a super spa day. I had never had such a day before. Sauna, steam, jacuzzi, more pool, food, and a mega awesome massage. Felt great having my aches and pains rubbed away. Fantastic day - cheers SJ x.
Took a spin on the turbo trainer in the evening. Blood (not quite), sweat and gears! Cycled 55 mins in the small ring.

Thursday: This was the last day I trained this week. A familiar work and back cycle commute. I had planned to run for 30 mins once I reached home but 'paralysis of will' got the better of me. Hmm, am going to have to work on these brick sessions.

Friday: As stated no training took place. Had wanted to run but blah...  However, I met up with Rocket Ron and John Mitchum. Ron has been a long time motivator and John likes his numbers and training plans. A few beers, a curry, much talking and a new plan was plotted. Basically was good to listen to John and Ron and amazingly John has agreed to send me training plans via a kinda email correspondence course. I'm not as 'extra' as John, so am not likely to invest in power meters and aero helmets but would very much like to train a bit smarter. So, hopefully, John will help me to train smart and Ron will continue to make sure I cycle for the enjoyment of the sport. I will 'mess about' with my own training schedule for a few weeks and then start with John's guidance from December 21st. At that point I will spend about 10 hours a week training for 6 weeks as part of the 'preparation' phase of my training. Let's see how it goes. 

Weekend: Mostly scratched my chin and head. How I wished for a longer stay in bed. Angry with myself for not training harder.

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