Sunday 29 November 2015

Week 34

Week began with a session on the turbo-trainer. I thought I'd try spinning along in the large chain ring for a change. This didn't happen though because the front mech on Ryley my retro bike just wouldn't shift the chain onto that larger ring. No real problem - had a easier spin in the smaller ring for 65 mins.
Tuesday's Run 11.9k
Run commute into work on Tuesday. I tried to increase my distance just a little (with a view to run for  a longer time). I ran just short of 12k with the additional minutes I added (usual 10k run into work takes about 55 mins - this run took 69 mins).

Swam at the Cocks Moor Woods Leisure Centre on Wednesday. Managed 1,650m in just under an hour and ten minutes. This was an early morning swim just prior to my 'Urgent Care' meetings at work. Chlorine does wonders to your hair - my ex-boss commented that I looked like a homeless person. Nice.

Thursday was a bad day. First I suffered with the squits. Then I suffered with blockage. Oh, the wonders of imodium. No training took place today.
Warwick Castle
Friday was a better day. I took a 'Black Friday' bike ride to Warwick Castle and back. A lovely 60k ride. Being 'Black Friday' and all, I figured a purchase was in store.. I took Lunar to the bike shop in Redditch and we put a deposit down on a 'blue bike'. On the way to the bike shop, Lunar spotted some bicycles 'with clothes on'...
Bike and benches 'with clothes on'
Lunar said the bike, benches and tree's were wearing clothes to keep them warm. Cute. I took my little kitten home and then decided to go on a devilish evening run.
This run should have taken place straight after my cycle earlier, but, err, it didn't. How could I go out running in daylight dressed like I was?! Am going to have to come up with better excuses not to run these 'bricks'. As for the run, it was a nice jog just short of 8k. Great day all round really.

Finally, at last, I managed to complete a brick session on Saturday. Cycled for about an hour on this cold, chilly day and covered about 24k. Slow transition followed as I parked bike at my parents and then got changed into running gear at my own abode. My run was interesting. I ran about 5k running a broken version of the Studley triangle. The interesting thing was, I passed Nigel, twice. I didn't recognise him on the first passing but on the second there was no doubt it was him. Have to say, Nigel looks real happy when running, a massive smile across his chops. Maybe he's not running hard enough?! Ha!

Finished the week with a swim and spin session at tri-club. I swam in the improvers class but didn't really feel that I was improving. The spin was the usual sweaty affair and very well attended.

All in all, I had a good week. Slightly annoyed that I didn't push myself to swim more and should start doing more 'brick' work really too. I didn't complete my 'prescribed 10 Jonny Mitchum Training Hours' either - but I was close at 9.5! 


  1. You know I made the 10 hours up don't you?

  2. Well done. Great motivation to get out there considering the weather.


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