Sunday 8 November 2015

Week 37 ''Are you swimming with your shoes on?''

Began this week being 1/2 way through my 'orientation' phase of my IM training plan.What does that mean? - I have no idea! What I do know, is that last week was pretty fun training but I remain a little anxious about where I am going to find time. On the positive side, last week started well and this week did too. Indeed, my week started with a work and back cycle commute. Easy 52.7k bagged! After work (I managed to leave early), I went for a swim. I followed a stolen Trifuel training session and completed 1,800 metres in all (mostly swimming with a few 'kick' lengths. This should have taken me 30 mins, but it took me 1.5 hours! My wife commented 'why are you so slow? Did you have your shoes on?' Cramp was a major issue too. Oh, when will my swimming improve? On a brighter note, I did quite enjoy the swim.
Tuesday's run, 11.2k
On Tuesday I ran into work. An extended route for a change. I covered 11.2k in all.
Wednesday was a multi-sport day. I started with swimming and covered a total distance of 1,650m in about an hour (well, just under). I swam in sets, almost like a couple of pyramids - i.e. I swam the following sets of lengths: 10, 8, 6, 4, 2, 6, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2. Between each set I gulped some electrolyte juice in the hope I wouldn't cramp up. It kinda worked, until I got out of the pool and then my legs spasmed. Ouch. I have decided to not follow the trifuel plan for my swimming workouts because they are way too intense for me - I can't keep up with it, and swim far too slow. I have stolen an easier plan from 'Kazez' (and of course modified it) where I plan to swim 3 times a week (5 would be better) and hope to be able to swim IM distance in about 6 months (my distance will increase by 500m each month). This way, I won't get too bummed out (I hope) and will still have many weeks before my actual IM takes place once I reach my desired distance. Following the swim, I cycled turbo trainer style. I span for about 40 minutes and had a go at doing that 'isolated leg training' (ILT). I really wasn't very good but had a lovely spin. All my spinning was relatively easy and I stayed in the small chain ring throughout.
Where's the 5th interval?!
Thursday turned out to be an interval style run that turned into a long run. I planned to run following the formula 10 mins warm up; 5 x 1k run (with 400m rest); cool down to finish. However, I got into a spot of bother after the 4th interval.
Funky pants. Don't run commando is printed on the behind.
Basically, I needed an emergency poo. I had to squeeze my cheeks and divert my run away from the tow-path. Luckily, just off route I found a hospital and was able to sort out the situation I was in. My planned 6 mile run became a 8.5 mile run due to my diversion. Oh, I ran this route sporting my new 'Runderwear' pants. And pants they were not!
Thursday's 13.7k run
Friday was a day on the turbo trainer. This was un-planned and I only managed to squeeze it in because I had a planned appointment with my GP. (I thought I had swimmers ear, but I did not). 50 mins on the trainer and my relative cycling distance was less then 10k! Pah! Really not sure why I travelled such a short distance when my legs were spinning round so fast for so long?!
This cycle session was in the small chain ring throughout. I played around with an easy gear pyramid and intervals where I took my heart rate to 75% max and then dropped down to 60% max. Not really sure how all the mechanics of this work but an average cadence of 90 rpm is ok (or so I am led to believe).

Early morning swim on Sunday. I managed to swim a total of 1,500m (10 x 150m with a drink between each set). This took me about an hour. Hmmm. Swimming with my shoes on ...

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