Sunday 27 December 2015

Week 30 (Hogswatch 2015 and start of the Rapha Festive 500)

Monday: Today, Tim Tom's TomTom test ticker terminated! Not sure what happened exactly but I was paying close attention to the TomTom watch I was testing and all of a sudden - wipe out! I had ran 8.8k and then the watch just reset itself without recording any of the data. Such menace! Thankfully, I was running my regular tow path commute into work, so I knew how far I had ran and in what time. I ran 10k (in about an hour), interval style, with no real proof of same. Pah!

Tuesday: Multi-sport day! Started with a 2,000m swim. Finished with a 10k run.

Wednesday: Run commute into work. 10k. Last run this side of Xmas.

Thursday: Christmas Eve. Started my Rapha 500 festive challenge and cycled a 75km jolly. Only another 425k to go...
This was a lovely cycle that took me up to Broadway Tower and back. Side wind on the way out. A tail wind seemed to push me up Fish Hill (didn't have to use granny gear) and back home. Perfect. 

Friday: Hogswatch 2015 no less. No cycling (or other exercise) activity took place. However, I got a lovely cycling t-shirt gift (cheers ma and pa), not to mention my new machine (cheers Lin).
Saturday: Hogswatch over and back to work. Grr! Decided to cycle commute style there and back and incorporated the Licky Hills (both sides) for good measure. On my outbound leg, my front mudguard was rattling like crazy - on closer inspection I could see that the nut/bolt was missing from the right side front fork. Grr, menace! The guard is currently held together DIY style with some elastic bands. Such improvisation. Cycled about 90k and have completed a 1/4 of the Rapha challenge thus far.
Sunday: Finished the week with another work and back cycle commute using my new winter bike. This was a strange adventure because I actually wasn't working today. Basically, I was returning the 'live' phone ready for Ed's shift.

Sunday's adventure was about 60k in all on a quite wet and foggy day. Was nice to chip a few more km's off as my Rapha Festive 500 continued. Will I complete this challenge? - Guess we will all find out next week...

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