Sunday 6 December 2015

Oh my, oh me, it's week 33!

Week started well again. I kicked off with a 1,500m swim followed by 40 mins on the turbo trainer. I do like these dual sport days and have a positive, up-beat feeling when the week starts well. Today was also special because I attended my very first ever 'parents evening'. Am sure Lunar is well on her way to becoming a rocket scientist!

Tuesday was an ok day too. I took a run commute into work. Just over 10k in all/
Mid-week menace. Just like the last couple of weeks, things went bad in the middle of the week. On this occasion I got a bad case of the man flu!
Don't panic! Keep calm! I survived the man flu and celebrated by cycling a 90k jolly on Saturday with my buddies Ron, John and Jamie. We all left Doo Little together and made our way towards Webheath. Once we hit Webheath we pretty much followed Roger's Fladbury-Crowle route. Super windy day, facing a 50 mph headwind pretty much all the way to the cafe. At the cafe we all had supersize breakfasts except Jonny - he had a super skinny affair. Return leg was more speedy with the super tail wind. Slowly folk dropped off - first Jonny, then Jamie. Only Ron and I made it back to Studley. Real nice social ride, look forward to riding with these fine gents sometime in the near future.
A jolly with the lads (89k)
Once home, I parked up 'Kay O' my single-speed road bike and caught a lift to Town with my dad. In Town, I collected a new steed 'Winter'. What a lovely bike she was! Easy cycle back home. Am sure I'm going to have lots of adventure with Winter this Winter!
Sunday morning had to be spent taking Winter out for another ride. So, that's exactly what I did. Cycled about 28k on my new dream machine!

Training this week didn't quite go to plan. I swam very little and ran very little (only completed one of each of these activities). However, cycling fared much better! Very pleased with the adventures I had and my new steed is mighty fine indeed. Nearly 2 hours off my target training time too, oh well, it'll do, no point getting in a stew.

(Ps. There is talk of an 8. Now doesn't that sound great?!)

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  1. Great Blog. I'm going out on a limb at guessing why it was only you and Ronnie who made it back to Studley, but hey,ho!

    See you next week!


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