Sunday 13 December 2015

Week 32

Started this week with a nice cycle commute to work and back. A nice round trip of 58k. Didn't use my new bike, my commute bike is for commuting! On the cycling side of things, I have signed up for the Rapha Festive 500 (again). This is a challenge that runs from Xmas eve to New Years eve where you have to cycle 500k within those 8 days. I won't go into detail regarding the abuse I received from family and friends for so doing! This will hopefully be my 3rd successful completion of challenge.
Tuesday was a run commute into work. 10k interval style. Nice.

Wednesday was a mid-week menace day. Had planned to swim but paralysis of will and a headache put pay to that.

Thursday was another run commute into work. Ran 4k and my TomTom died (and have lost my TomTom test watch). Stomach problems forced me to take a loo break at Cannon Hill Park (Mac Centre). Pushed on until I reached work covering 10k in all.

Friday was a good day despite it not going to plan. Started with a 2,000m swim which was nice. Jonny Mitchum was swimming today too. We both swam about the same distance but John got out the pool about 25 minutes before me. Hmm. After my swim, I went for a cycle. Had hoped to cycle loads today but that didn't happen. I took 'Winter Chanal No. 7' - my new road bike, out for a quick spin to the cycle shop. At the shop I got chatting and one thing led to a bike fit, new fitted guards and a rather funky saddle. Conversation became IM orientated and hours later I was racing home to catch up with my wife and kids and had no time for more miles. However, I found time to take 'Kay O', my single-speed road bike to the self same bike shop. This bike has a seat post stuck in the frame which the bike shop guys are gonna have a go at releasing. They said they wanted a challenge... I do hope they have success.

Saturday was a wet miserable day. I managed a 10k run which I was pleased with, despite looking like a drowned rat. Barbara sent me a link to a blog which helped brighten my day. This was the link: here.

Sunday was a disappointing day. My plans to swim and cycle went down the pan. I had gotten myself excited about Zwift - a cycling program to help motivate whilst on the turbo trainer. Spent all day waiting for software to download and then spent 30 mins on the trainer. Really couldn't get my head around the program. Should have gone swimming instead. Grr! Have set Winter Chanal No. 7 up ready for a long ride tomorrow but something is rubbing at the front (not sure if it is wheel, mud guard or disc brake). Hmm, such menace!

All in all, a pretty naff week on the training front. Well, then again, I guess it wasn't that bad... I am juggling balls!

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