Sunday 6 March 2016

Week 20 Redditch Reliability Ride and other adventures

Decided to listen to my body this week. Only problem was, my body said 'no'. No exercise took place on Monday as my body was feeling run down. On a brighter note, the results for the Go Tri aquathlon   event (that was completed last weekend) were published and (can you believe it?) I finished in 8th position. 50 athletes took part, 5 of which did not finish. I never expected that.
Tuesday was a push to get any exercise done. I fought against my lack of motivation and managed to jump on the turbo trainer for about an hour. As an aside, I spent my working day with an Assertive Outreach team which was nice. So great so see a team that continues to practice with a social model of care.

Had planned to cycle to Weston on Wednesday, however, the foul weather fairies put a stop to that! I still went to Weston but took the car (and kids and wife) instead. Started the morning with a 1,500m swim - the fairies couldn't prevent that!

Quick run around my village on Thursday. A bit of a push to get started but once I started running I really didn't want to stop. Ran about 7.5k in a leisurely style.

Friday was another run. A 10k commute into work. Interval style.

Saturday was a great day. Took Kay-O to see Russ and Alex who upgraded her that little bit more. That's right - Alex fitted a new brake cable and Russ replaced my old seat post and saddle with a new 'in-line' post and triathlon saddle. My position on the bike was much improved - i.e. my arms form more of an 'L' shape when I'm on my tri-bars.
More pIMp action
As for the saddle, well it just looked wrong! Apparently they are all the rage. Only one thing for it, and that was to test it...
Looks wrong doesn't it?!
My test ride was the Redditch Reliability Ride that I missed last weekend. A 102k ride that 'misses out the big hills to Broadway and back' to quote my mate Mark Edmunds. The route out was great and I was averaging 32kph. Nice descents and a tail wind, how great were the outdoors! The return was not so great - head wind and more of a climb. I saw my average speed get lower and lower (28.3k by the end). It was nice to cycle over 100k on my pIMped bike. The bars were fine. As for the saddle, well, it wasn't comfy (after all, it's not a Brook's) but it wasn't too bad. I was left a little sore but it wasn't really too much different to the saddle I removed. Once I was cycling, I kinda forgot what saddle I was on and just cycled. I think I will invest in this saddle as it does allow me to get into a better position, was only marginally less comfy than previous saddle and the saddle is able to fit 2 bottle cages behind it - bonus! Following this adventure, I cycled home and boy I suddenly felt very tired and had achey arms and neck.

To finish my training for the week, I cycled to work and back commute style on the Sunday. Was kinda nice cycling my cyclo-cross bike after neglecting her for a while. She was caked in mud and will probably stay in that state for a while. On my way into work it was actually snowing. On the return it was just cold. Brrr, winter ain't gone yet.

At the conclusion of the week, I was quite dis-pleased with my training. Am finding it hard to find the time to train as much as I would like. I only swam once and only ran twice which was quite pathetic. I was about 2 hours down on my planned training total. On a brighter note, I was pleased with my cycling efforts. Next week isn't looking too great with far too many days at work pencilled in. Funny thing was that the high-light of the week was spending time away from training and doing stuff with my wife, kids and parents in Weston.

To conclude this weeks blog post I'd like to inform of the Christadelphian Meal A Day fund or (MAD fund). This is a worthy charity I aim to support and hope readers of this blog will sponsor me by sending monies their way. As I'm sure you guessed, this charity helps feed desperate folk. To sponsor me, please follow this link: Thank you.

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