Sunday 10 April 2016

Week 15 (MAD)

Hi. If you've only just come across my blog site, welcome (and where have you been?). Right about now, I am about halfway (well, some 14 weeks left) through my training schedule for the pending Ironman UK event on 17 July 2016. Each week, I try and re-call my training, thoughts, events and where possible harass people to sponsor me in aid to support worthwhile charity's.
This week started off well in terms of cramming lots of training into the first day of the week. Decided to take my Kay-O machine on an out and back adventure to Fish Hill. A mostly pleasant ride with little to comment about. Once off the bike, shoes were swapped and off I went running. This 'brick' wasn't so good - my chest was real painful especially left side and voices in my head were telling me I might be having a heart attack. Decided to ignore the voices and continue running - the pain eased but only marginally. Had no idea what caused this pain but think it might have been cramp from being tucked into position on the bike?! My run was a cross country affair that took me over the corn fields in Studley and along the old rail way route. The car boot fields were passed and then I ran through the woods where I once came off my mountain bike (after an awesome jump). My run went as far out as the water tower in Redditch before turning around and leading me home once more. As if 2 triathlon disciplines weren't enough, after I had fed, I took to the pool and swam 1,500 metres. Wow, this was just a taste of what potentially lies ahead.

After such a great day Monday, Tuesday was spent resting. Not relaxing - I had to attend work (and worked a 12 hour shift), just resting. I'd have preferred to be out on my bike given the choice. Well, I am a 'psyclepath'.
Wet and windy was Wednesday! My bike commute into work was a very wet affair. My return commute home was wildly windy. Baby weather.

Thursday was a wild wet day too. My morning started with a wet run that didn't even stretch 10k. Later, I cycled an old classic route (so classic I can't recall what I named this route) in the pouring rain. Covered just over 30k on this wild, wet and awesome day.

Friday looked more promising on the weather front, however, I still got wet. I got wet because I went for a pool based swim and swam 2,500m. Continue to find swimming hard and boring and really need to speed up some - this swim took me nearly 90 mins to complete. Hmm. Ran into work later that day covering about 6.5k.

Another 12 hours at work on Saturday. Had a wee run, just over 5k before the work day began. Work always gets in the way of fun!

Sunday completed my week (just like it does most weeks). My last training activity was a run around my village covering about 7.5k. All in all, had completed over 13 hours of training this week!
Christadelphian Meal-A-Day
This week went ok on the whole, but as ever a little more time spent swimming and cycling would have made me happier. From next week my training will (hopefully) increase a little in terms of intensity and frequency. I think I should pay a little more attention to my diet now too but can't promise myself that (despite the return of my podge belly). Fundraising is going well and thanks to all those who have supported and donated thus far. As folk are aware, I am supporting 4 charities and the Christadelphian Meal-A-Day fund is the charity I'd like to promote this week. Please support this charity by donating here: support MAD please.

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