Sunday 3 April 2016

Week 16 (Swimming on dry land)

Monday was another bank holiday which meant I had another day off work - wahoo! Bank holidays are great days to spend with the family. With that in mind, SJ and I decided to take our kids to see Grandad Ned. As much as Melody (pictured above) wanted to cycle, she went in the car with her mum and Lunar. Daddy Doo decided to cycle though and fought against storm Katie all the way into the centre of Worcester. I was the first to get to Ned's but it wasn't long before the others rocked up. The 'others' included the kids cousin Josh, which was nice. Seeing Ned meant we all got fed! Ned's cooking was great too - we had rice and peppers, beef, tomato's, egg and spices. Yummers! The cycle home was a lot easier after this awesome feed. Storm Katie was pushing me along too. A nice zoomy ride!
Tuesday was a 'pig' because I had to return to work after a nice 4 day break. Took a run (trot) commute into work. 10k. Interval style. Hope no one finds my comments too rash...  
Wednesday was a bit like Tuesday. It was my second run commute on the trot. Another 10k but I didn't push myself too hard on this run (no intervals). This route mostly followed the 'no. 5' route, the day before followed the tow path.   

Thursday was a cycle commute to work and back. Morning trek was a menace - got up late, forgot Garmin, left bag, retuned for same and off. Very cold! Return was much better, had remembered all my items and the sun was shining!    

Friday was another cycle to work and back commute. Route there and back was menace because it was cold. Despite being layered up my pinkies felt the cold. Brrr!

Saturday was my last training day of the week. After work I took myself on a forced, long (and slow) run for about 2 hours. The weather was awesome, felt like a summers day. Later that day, training was soon forgot as I partied with SJ and my cousin. We went to a house party in Hatton and saw Luke Concannon and the Seed Bombers play. Quite an intimate gig which was a lot of fun.
At the conclusion of this week, I was pleased that I had put enough training hours into my running and cycling. Disappointed that I didn't manage a single swim. Am also concerned that I'm getting fat again - despite all my training I have gotten my podge belly back. Lin visited over the weekend and brought much chocolate - maybe I should binge out next week and then go 'cold turkey' on the junk food front?!

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