Sunday 16 October 2016

P-P-Park Run

Should have been doing some of this myself. The girls above are Jackie and SJ, not my girls (who'd have guessed?)
Doom and gloom took up way too much room in my headspace this week. Just couldn't get myself to feel right mentally and as a direct consequence, I started to feel physically drained to. Paralysis of will, minimal motivation and 'whatever-it-was' messed with my head big time. I had plans but just couldn't put them into motion. I wanted to go camping but despite being excited about the prospect wasn't brave enough to go for a wild solo trip. Friends of mine were interested in camping too but were either ill, partying or otherwise engaged. A solo camp is definitely on my bucket list. I wanted to run but couldn't find my legs (what sort of an excuse is that?)! I wanted to cycle but my lack of sleep was making the effort way too hard each morning to even look at my bike. No exercise or training took place at all on any of the week days. 
Hanbury Park Run (5k)
Once the weekend came, I changed my game plan and felt a trifle better. Maybe having a work free weekend helped?! I decided to go for a Park Run! This Park Run was different to my previous 7 runs. This run was different simply because I chose a different venue. Instead of running around Arrow Valley, I chose to run Hanbury Park Run. This was an altogether different run - way less congested and off-road. I preferred this run and despite having a relatively slow time (25:47), it was still a PB, indeed my Hanbury PB! The social element was still here and I chatted some with a guy called Paul. Hayley from tri-club was also here, both running and marshalling, so it was great to see her and give her a high five. Felt great to run after a short lapse, even if it was only 5k and my shoes got covered in sheep poo. 
My beautiful Melody
Further adventure was had after my Park Run. My girls (SJ, Lunar and Melody) had a mini adventure at the Lickey Hills. Despite us not going long or far, we scrambled a little through the woods and climbed a tad too. Looking back at the photo's, SJ and I are so blessed to have a couple of beautiful little monkeys. 

Wow, a week with no cycling and only one run. I will get my mojo back and cycle some soon! I have booked a place on the Snowdrop Audax next year and am willing to try and get a place in the Rapha Prestige event next month. At least I'm not spending monies on bike bits right now....

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