Sunday 1 January 2017

Goodbye 2016

Did very little in this last week of the year. In previous years I had completed the Rapha Festive 500 which was my main event for the December month - not this year though. No indeed, no cycling took place at all in this final week. On a brighter note, I got news from Planet X regarding Pinky, they emailed stating 'the BB threads have been slightly cross threaded, however, this was not bad and no damage done... now tapped the threads on the BB and confirmed it's ready.' So, 2017 should see a new bike - yay!

Managed to squeeze in a couple of runs. I wanted to do more but lazyitis got the better of me. My first run was a dash (plod) around the Studley Triangle and my second a Parkrun at Arrow Valley. On my Parkrun I bumped into Phil, John, Russel et al from tri-club which was nice but I found it difficult chatting whilst on the run (and was going to blame them for distracting me and slowing me down). This run felt hard and I didn't think I had ran well at all. Surprisingly, I had taken 10 seconds off last weeks run. Wow, who would have thought. Bumped into Phil (different Phil) at the end and was nice to catch up.

So how was 2016 overall, (I hear you ask)? Well, pretty great really. 2016 was the year that I swam the furthest in my life and ran the furthest too. I did not cycle as far as I had during previous years (and my buddy Chris H is super chuffed he beat my cycling score). However, I completed an IronMan event which I am so very pleased about and have the medal, T shirt, etc.
It was also awesome running in the MK Marathon with the Grumptoids.
And taking part in the first Turin-Nice rally with my best buddy Chris was super ace too.
My running and cycling distances are presented below for all the years including 2016 since my recording began:

2009 - 5,086 (3,160)
2010 - 8,509 (5,287)
2011 - 8,378 (5,207)   km (miles)
2012 - 6,935 (4,309)
2013 - 12,498 (7,766)
2014 - 9,253 (5,750)
2015 - 5,531 (3,436) and Run 1,170 (727)

2016 - 6,515 (4,048) and Run 1,204 (748)

So, this relatively boring posts ends 2016. Let's hope 2017 is a great year all round and lets hope the first post is better than this last. Peace out my friends!

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