Sunday 9 April 2017


My Melody, Spring has sprung!
Wow, completed my second week at my new (temporary) work place. Where did time go? Only felt like I had been there a couple of days. Time is never time at all. Work went ok and at this moment in time am very pleased I made a change. Highlight of the working week was probably having acupuncture. Yup, that's right, one of the SMS nurses (Helen) stuck 5 needles in each of my ears. This apparently causes serotonin to be released and essentially changes brain chemistry in a positive way. Each needle made me jump as it went in, kinda felt like I was on a plane taking off (pressure) whilst they were inserted, and my left ear bled a little after needles were removed. Did I feel better for it? - I dunno, but had a nice weekend so maybe the serotonin kicked in...

Didn't run long of far this week and missed Parkrun too. Started the week with a 5k XC run though and finished with a 10k XC run. Both runs were over the fields of Studley and were just lovely. 

Didn't cycle long or far either. However, commuted by bicycle to work and back on 2 occasions. Removed the winter tyres from my Genesis and swapped for some gravel tyres. Tyres appear to roll okay. Would have commuted to work sooner only it took me a while to bag a locker. First commute was silly - I got to work way too quick and was hardly on my bike at all. Decided to further my route and make it a bit more worthwhile by not taking a direct route and cycling better paths. Commute distance is still super short but better than nothing.
My Lunar (and SJ) indoors.
Camped over the weekend too. Well, kinda. Lunar and I slept in our new family tent (in the garden), just to try it out. Lunar is like a hot water bottle. Jamie reckons I should take her bike-packing with me next weekend. I just might...
My Lunar (and moi) outdoors (camping).

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