Sunday 21 May 2017

New Blue

This week was great on the bike front. Mostly because Jamie and I became Genesis 'Day One 20' bike friends! That's right, I acquired a lovely new bicycle for commuting purposes. Let me introduce my new machine 'Blue'. Isn't she lovely?!
It was a bit of a menace collecting Blue. I had to cycle a girls bike (courtesy of Polish lady from 'Free to collector' FaceBook page) all the way to Birmingham (for trade in purposes) before I could collect my new steed. The cycle home on Blue was a good test - I rode on and off road and experienced rain and shine! Am happy with my Genesis and the previous Day One is now on FaceBook should anyone be interested. Even Chris our 'associate Genesis friend' rides a Genesis.
Other than the adventure cycling to collect Blue and back, only one other cycling adventure was completed. I managed to cycle a work and back commute. Had wanted to cycle more but the weather was just pants.
Due to the weather being so naff, I chose to run on a few occasions (and leave the bike in the dry). Three times, in a row, I ran a 5k circuit before starting my work day. Really should complete a Park Run soon.

Had wanted to open water swim this week but this didn't materialise. Was such a busy boy. Still was not 100% healthwise yet either and the lake was closed for other activities on Sunday. It'll happen sometime soon...

Managed another bout of badminton in the week with the Mrs. Started great winning the first couple of games. Then the Mrs got mad and beat me 3:2. She's so competitive...
All in all, a rather busy week. Was whacked by the time the weekend came. Always great to take advantage of a power nap!

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