Monday 29 May 2017

Yeah George

Bye Bye Jenny, Bye Bye
After what seemed like an age, I finaly caught up with my blind buddy Roger and went for a cycle with him on the tandem (aka the Beast). It was a beautiful Sunny day, so chose to cycle to Roger's abode too. Very pleased with my new Genesis Day One 20 machine - oh, what a dream. Roger and I had a great cycle, as usual and must have covered about 70k in all. We stopped at a rather splendid golf course for lunch. Hot and sweaty by the time we returned to Rogers domicile - and then I had to cycle home too!
Roger and Doo
Completed 3 to work and back commutes on my new machine. Even saw Jonny Mitchum out runing on one occasion. On each commute day, I also walked around the lake at work during my work break which was nice.

Didn't play badminton with the Mrs this week, made a change not having a thrashing. Did not swim either despite planning too, just couldnt get myself motivated on Sunday.

Completed my training for the week by running a simple cross country 5k run. Great weather again. Great weekend, but weather looks naff heading into the bank holiday...

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