Monday 31 July 2017

4 years, for years

My LEL experience (2013)
For years I have been cycling now. 4 years ago I cycled the wonderful London-Edingburgh-London (LEL) adventure. For years my best buddy toyed with the idea of cycling the Transcontinental Race (TCR). For a few hours (days) now the 2017 LEL and TCR have been underway. I am not cycling in either event but know folks who are - shout outs to Gary and Graeme in the LEL and a high 5 to V for cycling the TCR. For a spell, I got down I wasn't cycling some major event. Then I remembered I had cycled great events and reminisced in this; I remembered folk I knew were cycling wonderful events and felt great for those; I re-remembered that I have pending coast to coast plans ahead. Ooh!
Graeme - LEL controller 2013, participant 2017
Gary, who I met on Paris - Geneva cycle
Buddies! Go Gary Go!
 I asked the Mrs if I could cyclce TCR next year, she said no. I said, ok, what about the year after, she replied no. I said what about the year after, she said, I dunno yet. Sounds like a pass to me... I'll never cycle it to be fair, too hardcore for me (but I do like to see what my Mrs will allow).

Training this week was just a rather uneventful 3 to work and back commutes. I pushed myself to swim, but my paralysis of will kicked in, despite my recent repairs to wet suit. Managed to complete the week with a run with which I was quite pleased. I ran further than my now usual 5k and felt my running was better than of late (ran a distance of 8k). I passed a good many runners out today which was nice and unusual.

I wonder if I can manage to run, swim and cycle next week (which is now this week)?

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