Sunday 2 July 2017

Love what you do, do what you love

Lunar created this title pic (aged 4)
This week started out great. As I was on a study day Monday, I got up early and forced myself to go for a quick 5k run. Thing was, my course finished early, so I was able to get a second exercise session in. Once home, I grabbed the oppurtunity and went out for a quick 30k cycle using my road bike 'Slinky' that hadn't been outside since the Wandering Wolves perm some time back. Whoa, forgot how light this awesome bike was! Was a bit naughty too - I read on FaceBook that Mountain Warehouse were selling cheap bivvy's for £20 that were the same size as the Alpkit Hunka XL and had similar breathing properties - I made an impulsive purchase. Well, my current bivvy is ace but weighs like 800g, this new one weighs only 340g. Am thinking this new one will come in handy for Jamie's adventure that I am dubbing the 'War of the Roses'. This 'Jamie adventure' is based loosely around the 'Way of the Roses' coast to coast route, however, this is extra and is a coast to coast to coast adventure.
The War of the Roses planned route
Tuesday proved to be an interesting cycle to work and back commute. I chose new paths (roads) there and back. My inward route was almost completely away from busy roads and followed either the national cycle network or country lanes. My return added a few K's because I saw a sign post suggesting I was travelling down Cobley Hill, but I wasn't. I had headed away from home but all was good as new paths were travelled and new sights seen.

Wednesday was a rest day. Well kinda. A very busy day at my 'new' work location - unable to cycle there just yet as dont have access to shower facilities etc..

Thursday was a trifle menace on my work and back cycle commute. I left early with plans to have a longer ride. Good job I had left early becuase I punctured. I don't think the puncture was new but the foam stuff that was in the tube had decided to start spurting out through the tyre. Puncture was fixed relatively easily but my bike gears felt like they keep slipping, or maybe it was the bottom bracket. I dunno. My return route was super short because the weather was a bit pants, so I took the zoomiest route possible.

Friday was probably my last work and back cycle commute at my current workplace as I switch sites, so to speak, next week. My commute out was fine and bike behaved better since Jamie taught me how to stop the gears skipping. If one has a Nexus hub, this is how you stop gears slipping: Check the gear wire, there's an adjuster at the gear cable coming off the lever. Stick the bike in gear 4 (lowest gear is 1). Look for yellow lines near the hub, by the small chain ring, these need to line up. 
Match them yellow lines
Locate the barrel adjuster and turn. If that fails, drink coffee
Use the barrel adjuster, located near the bars, to line them up. Hey Presto! Took a slighly extended route into work just to celebrate last day and working bike. Return route was a new route and I found myself cycling down the zoomie Cobley Hill. All good.
Lin racing the 2017 Isoman 1/4 distance TT. She came 1st!
Saturday was an interesting day. Started with a 6k cross country run around Hewell. Later in the day I saw Lin racing the Isoman TT route. This all brought back memories of my Iron Man event last year. I kinda wished I had a TT bike and was racing a course. Melanie was cycling too but we never caught site of her.
Hard work watching Lin race...
Sunday saw me go for a dip at Ragley Lake. Yup, my weeks training was finished by an open water swim. Again, I participated in all 3 triathlon disciplines. Feel like I should try and find a triathlon to enter before the season is out...

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