Sunday 10 September 2017


A relatively poor week on the training front. Only managed to cycle twice and only ran a couple of runs too. Groan.

After the faff of removing the rear wheel from my commute bike (Genesis Day One 20), she hasn't been quite right and I need to faff further to sort her gears out. Oh the delight of a Nexus hub. Hmm, maybe not. At least my commute bike is fitted with (hopefully) puncture resistant tubes now (removed wheels to add gunk filled tubes). Suffice to say, I used a different bike for my commute into work and back. My 'off-road' bike was great but was not fitted with mud-guards and I had a lovely stripe up my back from cycling on wet grubby roads.

Spent more time thinking about the TransAtlantic Way (TAW) race next year. Don't the pictures (below) look awesome?! I am almost certain that I will enter. Was hoping my buddy Chris would have changed his school of thought, his response - 'no chance'.
Even though my place is not guaranteed, I did a little research into possible hostels along the way and this fuelled my excitement further. Am led to believe entries will open next week. Jamie said he is still interested so we may well enter as a pair (of clowns). Mac 'n Doo, sounds like a great team name doesn't it?!
Premature research and intelligence
My other cycle was an indoor spin. Had been ages since I used my turbo trainer and at the end of my short session I felt a tad sick. Maybe it was the big lunch I had only moments before.

Cycled (commute-wise) so little mostly because my work days required me to attend meetings at various locations and hence unable to cycle into work and back. With this in mind, I attempted to run on those days instead. Even with best intentions, only managed 2 such runs. On both occasions, I ran about 5k around my village.
Highlight of the weekend was celebrating Qasim's first birthday with some friends and my family. We had a wild time and a lot of fun. Not quite training or exercising but exhausting all the same!

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