Sunday 26 November 2017

A series of quotes / Back 2 Back

Oh my, excitement for the pending TAW (TransAtlantic Way race) continues. With 28 weeks remaining, I decided to read a few blogs from this years race. Not so sure if that was a great idea. Below is a series of quotes taken from what I read:

If I take the first four days of my two Transcontinental (TCR) attempts and compare it with this TAW attempt, I can conclude that in my opinion, the Ireland race is tougher! Predominantly because of the weather… we are not talking a freak week of weather, oh no, it’s just the general West Coast of Ireland summer weather! We were only a few hours into day one when the torrential rain started, raining so hard it was causing flash flooding. The rain bounced so hard off the road it made seeing anything in front of you incredibly tough, so we all just peddled on with our heads down into the unknown, waiting for a break in the intensity of the rain. Soaked to the skin, wearing everything I had, I couldn’t keep my hands and feet warm, so it was into a shop to buy a pair of Marigold washing up gloves for my hands and some bin bags for the feet. (Katie Jane)

Well what an event that was! I consider it a great personal success even though I ended up scratching/abandoning the race close to the finish due to a condition known as Shermer’s neck. (Where one’s neck muscles become so fatigued that they can’t adequately hold your head up and makes riding unacceptably dangerous). (WhizzyFlyWheel) 

The 2017 TransAtlantic Way riders experienced no lack of surprises this year, including some late night collisions with sheep and deer...

I asked Jamie to read the above and asked if his glass was had full or half empty. He replied, 'optimism shines through'. Perhaps he'd been drinking badgers again?! My buddy Chris messaged this week and said 'still don't get why you want to do that ride', to which I retorted 'still wish you were cycling it'. Who wouldn't want to cycle this?!

Took advice from last weeks lecture at the Gorilla cafe. My training saw me complete 2 (slightly longer) back to back cycles. These cycles weren't super long distances but about 80k on 2 successive days. A good start to the week and then only completed one further commute cycle.

Noted other quotes this week too. TAW blog posts weren't all that I was reading. Indeed, searching through the scriptures, I read  '...bodily exercise profiteth little: but godliness is profitable unto all things...'. Now, there's a thought (an exhortation).

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