Saturday 6 April 2019


It's been a wee while since I last posted a blog update. So much so, I was a year younger when I posted last. Oh man, I'm sure the ageing process slows us all down.
Interesting that 2 of my birthday cards had chameleons on the front. Were folk telling me that I needed to change? Well, on reflection, there's a whole bunch of stuff I need to change. Maybe I should change my job as it's a menace and quite a stress at times. Guess I should have changed the rotation of the picture above. Still quite a porker, diet needs to change. My mojo comes and goes - that definitely needs to change too. Then again, perhaps the only thing that really needs to change is my mindset?!
Should I be the very best at anything, why would I want to change? Ha! I'm not that narcissistic and don't really believe that I'm the best at anything. Except, what I do know for sure though is that I am best at being me.
Since I posted last, I have done little in the way of exercise or adventure. Sure I ran a little and cycled the odd commute or jolly but nothing super adventurous. My new shoes (Nike Downshifer 8) appear just fine - they are light, relatively comfy and as mentioned before cheap. I also got a new running belt too - a Rokman running belt. This belt is aces and has a super slim and sleek design, 2 super expandable pockets (which easily fit my big bulky bunch of keys and iPhone and it's water resistant too). 
Hope I don't get the runs!
If I'm to make any real change at all, it will be that I will look for more adventure. I don't have to look too far ahead either - I have a CTC ride planned next week! Oh the joys!

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