Sunday 26 May 2019

May BAM / Skool / BMX

Doo and Rob dog
This week saw me complete my 5th consecutive month of wild camping. Yes indeed, May's BAM (Bivvy-A-Month) completed! My Bro 'Rob dog' joined me for this adventure.
All good wild camping adventures should include a feast before sleep. Every good boy deserves burgers. Burgers go so well with beer.
Rob dog cooked our supper which was so delicious. We chatted for a while afterwards staring at the stars that littered the night sky. There was a lot of of movement in the sky this night. Not sure if any was extra-terrestrial. A nice sleep followed not long after.
Warm night and even hotter morning. Temperatures were great and the sun was shining real bright on wakening. My new (replaced) Alpkit Cloud Base sleeping mat has been ace.
Over a cup of jasmine green tea, we both agreed this was a pretty awesome wild camping spot. We were suitably hidden, yet quite open too. Our secret location was somewhere near Aston Cantlow and Shelfield. Coded coordinates were compiler, opinion, wriggled. 
Rob dog was keen to start cooking sausages for breakfast. He was using his new gas burner. Worked a treat.
I used my Trangia stove and pan to add fried eggs to our breakfast. Delicious. This was the first time I had cooked fried eggs on a wild camping trip. Aces.
I know my bivvy is hard to spot being camouflaged and all. However, believe it or not, there are 2 bicycles in the photo above. Can you spot Rob dogs bike?
Like all our trips, we packed up good and proper and left without leaving a trace. We collected a bunch of memories. Oh, and we've been able to share our stories. Who's for a wild camp in June?

Lunar, Doo, Mama Kin
During the week I also saw my daughter Lunar perform in her School play. She was as 'bonkers as a bag of conkers'. My mother came and watched too. It was great to get a picture of the 3 of us outside the school as we are 3 generations that have attended this self same school. 

Since my last blog post, my Raleigh Super Burner has been re-stored too. (Nice one Lin). I'm still yet to burn some rubber but looking forward to burn and pop a wheelie!

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