Saturday 1 June 2019

ParkRun #25 (June PAM) / Kask menace resolved

The very first day of this month saw me complete my PAM (ParkRun-a-Month) challenge for June. I ran my 25th ParkRun and finished 48/416. My finish time was 22:37 which was my fastest time this year (PB remains 21:39). It was good to see Phil B running today too. I have other friends who run this course but they are always hidden in the hoards (or maybe they just tell me they run?).
My new Kask (Mojito X) helmet has been worn on a fair few rides to date, so figured now was an appropriate time to provide my latest review. Well, it fitted on to my head perfectly and was nice and light. It cradled the skull perfectly and the turn dial 'thing' on the back ensured a perfect snug fit. The buckles on the straps have been a real pain in the bum though. Well, more correctly, a pain to the ear lobe. The straps offer little in terms of adjustment and these buckles have annoyed me so much rubbing against my ear lobes. (My old Giro Skyline had pretty awesome strap adjustment).
Kask helmet showing the offending buckles
I googled this strap menace phenomena and saw a lot of cyclists were complaining about the self same thing and despite this, pretty much all reviews of this helmet have scored 5/5. Solutions were also suggested - such as cutting off the buckles. As drastic as that sounded, I did just that and now my helmet fits and feels just awesome. A perfect fit, no movement, and no rub. Aces!

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