Wednesday 12 June 2019

June BAM

A frightfully wet and somewhat windy couple of days in June saw me complete my 6th consecutive bivvy-a-month (BAM). If my maths is correct, that means I have completed 50% of my BAM challenge for 2019. Woo hoo, only 6 months to go!
Rob dog and Ron (the phantom) joined me on this adventure. Due to the seriously wet weather, we took precautions and carried a lot of stuff to our secret camp. Poor Ron was saddled up like an ass - am surprised his bike wheels didn't buckle or pop a spoke. First road then a section off off-road took us to our camp spot.
The picture (map) above shows our where our hidden camp was. Three words describe exactly where we were. These 3 words are oldest, crowbar and glassware. Just for the record, tiger banging drums is a favourite place of ours to chill out...
It didn't take so long for Ron's mahoosive tarp to be set up. This was just so huge, it provided cover for our bikes, our sleeping quarters and offered a spot to cook in too. I reckon we could fit eight folks under here with a push.
Ron was sporting his phantom-like kinky boots for this adventure. Such shoes are affectionately known as yeti's. I guess it takes all sorts.
I think I was the first to settle and sleep on this starless, moonless night and was first up the following morning too. As usual we had a cooked supper before bed with plenty of fluid refreshment. Oh, how I laughed when Rob dog burnt a half-moon into his tarp (used as flooring) by putting down his frying pan. (That'll teach him for laughing at my inflatable pillow bursting on a previous trip).
When morning came, I awoke Ron by pouncing on him. Oh, how I laughed as he appeared so frightened. (That'll teach him for laughing at my inflatable pillow bursting on a previous trip and shaking and waking me late at night to hear his story telling and quiz questions). Peace was restored once I boiled some water and made us all a cup of tea. A shout-out and thanks to Jo Hardy for my new lovely emergency t-bag stash tin. Get in!
Rob cooked breakfast in the morning which was rather splendid. We would have had a greater feast, however, much sausage was stuck to Ron's yeti's (he must have trod on stuff as he exited/entered the tarp earlier). My runny eggs spilt over Ron's knife - accidentally, honest!
We all left the camp happy and smiling. We were soaking wet and it was a trifle menace de-camping with wet gear. Rob dog nearly lost control as he cycled through the ford (how disappointing) - he would not have been much wetter to be fair. It wasn't long before we were back home, drying gear and story telling once more.

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