Sunday 16 June 2019

Cycle for Uganda '19

Old Friends
This week saw me and my buddy Chris (and others) complete the 2019 Cycle for Uganda charity cycle ride. We had wanted to ride this event for years, but each year we found another something to ride or take our time. This year we pencilled the date in our diaries and nailed it. (This being the 6th year it has ran).
The Start
The start line (Clevedon Christadelphian Hall) was a great place to start. Surprisingly, I knew a few of the cyclists (including Ben and Hannah Adams and Dave and Rachel Cross - folk who I had met about 9 years ago on a certain LEJOG adventure). Chris knew even more folk than me. Some dude was cycling an exact replica of my old Cannondale Synapse too - same frame size and everything (I just hope his brakes worked).
Cycle for Uganda 2019
After a brief briefing we were off. A bunch of about 20-30 cyclists cycling. For the whole way to the half-way point we cycled as a posse, or a peloton I guess you could say. This was really hard work - lots of stop/starting and frequent brakes. It was nice to chat with new folk and catch up with those that we knew. The urge to 'crack on' was always there though and the wet miserable weather would make us cold with all the faffing.
Isaac Adams looked like he had had a mud bath. Fortunate for him, he later travelled in a bike chariot as opposed to the tag-a-long pictured above. Much of the route was road, quite often country lane and much was also cycle path including the 'Strawberry Line'. No hills to shout about, it was only about 1,000m of climbing. When we got to the half-way point at Burnham-on-Sea we were greeted by my parents which was super nice.
Doo, Pa, Ma and Chris
My folks were not my only family there. My ma's cousin (that is my 2nd cousin) Adrian was there too. Adrian was doing a cracking job of driving the support vehicle. I didn't manage to get a photo of him, however, he took the photo above.
Some (but not all) of the return journey took us along paths we had previously cycled. Chris wanted to stop a take a photo of the above boats (so I thought I would too). These boats reminded us of a awesome adventure Chris and I had undertaken before when we cycled around the Isle of Wight and crashed out on his ma's speed boat. Aces.
The afternoon started to clear up and proved more cheerful on the return. Chris and I decided to crack on at this point and cycled as a pair leaving the group behind. Apparently, the chap in the photo above was my brothers ex-wife's mothers brother. Wow, this all gets so complicated. The reason we were all cycling this event together was because we were either Christadelphians or had links to that community and wanted to raise monies to support an orphanage project in Uganda. This project gives grants to those who are caring for orphans, and due to the popular demand, this year will raise funds to install more water tanks and guttering. I'll leave a link to the Cycle for Uganda website at the bottom of this blog so if anyone is willing and able to sponsor/donate that would be great. The site take no commission fees, so, support please, please!
A light house for Barbara
A while ago, Chris and I cycled a rather splendid 200k audax event around the Dorset Coast. During this event, a rather splendid lady called Barbara (aka 'old bat on a bike') took a rather splendid photo of us two, looking almost as splendid as the photo at the top of this blog post. Anyways, I mention Barbara because she has recently completed a cycle tour aptly named the 'light house tour' where she cycled to and snapped pictures of the light houses in the South West. I have no idea if she snapped the light house above, so, hey Barb's, this one is for you! Barbara is currently cycling around Ireland snapping pictures of light houses located there. This time last year, I too was cycling around Ireland (and did snap a light house too). You can follow Barbara's adventures here: OldBatonaBike.

Pleased to report that Chris and I completed our tough cycling event and finished a good hour and half (or more) before the others. This gave us ample time to drink much tea, coffee, etc, eat a little and generally catch up. We then returned to the start/finish and congratulated the other cyclists. We did the decent thing and joined them all for a splendid 'nosh up' and fraternising and story telling. We hope it's not 6 years until we cycle this event again.

Oh, and please follow this link if you'd like to donate a little: cycleforuganda fund raising.

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