Monday 5 August 2019

Hollibobs inc July PAM

Oh man! No blogging for a short while simply because I was on my hollibobs. Did little in the way of exercise (but I did complete a ParkRun) and gave my body and head-space a well deserved rest. Ok, ok, my body had to deal with the stresses of excess and sunburn..
Travelled down with Lunar and we were the first to arrive. We visited the George for a tasty meal and drinks. (Traveled back with Melody and we were the first home too).
Am hoping the photo's posted here re-create my holiday experience. Almost as soon as we were on hollibobs we visited the wonderful Jurassic Coast of Charmouth. Such a great place to be.
It didn't take long for me to burn my skin. Some say the 'lobster look' suited me. Ha!
In the upside down. Must have swam in the sea on at least 4 occasions. Swam out to the buoys (i.e. quite far) on 2 occasions. Sometimes the sea was hot (well warm) and sometimes not!
Fortunate I have such lovely parents. Someone forgot the tent poles. My parents came to the rescue and drove long and far to drop off said forgotten poles.
Was fun camping with cousin Aid and his kids (Millie and Tom). Great when Rob and his kids (Ben and Jo) rocked up too. Nice to briefly see my parents.
We had fun, day and night. SJ loved the fairy light. And, Melody would fall asleep alright.
Drinking. Chilling. Having fun.
The George was a great place to play. Great place to eat and drink too. One could even feed the goats.
Dogs at sea. Girls on beach. Ice cream in a tent.
Oh, the girls did play. The sun did shine. The boys washed up, most of the time.
Excrement of dog is good for your ills?! Dressing up was good for thrills. Ice cream was good for chills.
The cove in Seatown was a new delight. Walks on the left. Pub on the right.
The lover and I. I wore the same shirt on honeymoon. Ooh, how we like to swoon.
Rob dog entertained my kids. Jo and his tattooed knuckles entertained us all. All, except my mother that is!
The beaches were all so different but all so much fun. Melody created a friend called Rocky. Rocky was a rock.
Lyme Regis we liked so much. We'd been there lots before but had never walked in the park until this occasion. I think this was the first time we sat on the pebbled side of the beach too.
Chess was amazing. We played both 2 and 3 player versions. Certainly brought out folks personalities!
The beautiful SJ. Soaking up the sun. Got to give it to her, she was a lot of fun.
Told SJ that I didn't want to leave. She nearly put pay to that! Is not a great feeling being buried alive.
I think Melody Moo would have been happy to stay here too. Holidays are so great, always so much to do. When one had to leave, we gave a silent boo!
Seaton ParkRun, 5k
Oh, and of course it was great to actually complete July's ParkRun challenge (month 7 of my ParkRun-A-Month challenge). I ran the Seaton ParkRun which was my 26th ParkRun to date. I finished with a time of 24:31 and was in 54th place out of a field of 290. Pretty naff time considering the course was flat, but hey, am keeping up with my challenge!

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