Saturday 27 February 2010

Run rabbit run

Did not swim again this week. That's 2 weeks without a swim. The next time I swim will probably be real hard.

Cycling went better this week. The specialized was used 3 times in all, on trips to and from work. My road bike managed 1 trip of a TROAD variation route. This trip was quite difficult as I faced a head wind as I battled up that dreaded Cobley hill. The wind blew real strong on this journey and made balancing on my bike quite tricky.

Running went better still. Ran on 4 different occasions. Three runs were the extended Studley triangle. The other run was a longer x-country jaunt with Cody, over the very wet and muddy fields of Studley.Must include a swim next week. Must take out my rope and skip a little too. All in all not too bad a week, and particularly happy with my running.

'Running not only reduces the decline of cognitive function; it actually enhances your mind.'

Weekly totals: Did not swim; Cycled 97 miles; Ran for 2 hours and 50 mins; Did not skip.

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