Saturday 13 February 2010

Something in the way

There's something in the way. Something in the way of my training. This 'something' is called 'work'. Had plans of cycling from work on the Friday and back to work on the Saturday, but oh no! Menace creatures at work had locked up (and locked me out of) the shower facilities. I felt like work had done me out of 40 miles. And to top that, work was so busy on the Sunday that I did not have time to do any 'paid' running! Such a poor performance and I don't think next week is looking much better. More menace on-call shifts await and I have to look out for my dad seeing that my mother will be away. I plan to use stealth tactics and get a key cut to said shower facility at work.

Weekly totals: Swam for 45 mins; Cycled 29 miles; Ran for 1hour 25 mins; Skipped for 4 mins.

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