Wednesday 19 May 2010

Hungary horrors

Late posting on the blog this week becuase I had been away in Hungary. Still, no need for concern because all my latest news, musings and ramblings are presented below. I really need to shift up a gear now though, because the holiday period is over and only about 3 weeks remain till my London to Geneva (via France) cycle challenge.

Prior to my trip to Hungary, I did manage to get some training in. This training was kinda triathlon stylee - helped along, I'm sure, by my recently completed triathlon. Cody and I started this training session with a run over the corn fields in Studley. Swimming took place at Hewell Road pool. And, the cycling section was a on and off road mixture using my beloved 'Scotty' mountain bike.
Hungary was a good break and didn't put an end to all training. I wasn't able to swim or cycle, but did manage to run a couple of times. Both these runs were at night, in the city of Budapest. Both runs were pleasant but the amount of poor homeless folk was not so good.

Whilst away, I heard news that John V had entered a cycling event raising money for the Olivet nursing home. Story has it, that he managed to cycle 30 miles in an hour on a stationary bike! Nice one John, way to go!
Weekly totals: Swam for 29 mins; Cycled 16 miles (1 hour and 17 mins); Ran for 1 hour and 31 mins.

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  1. nothing to eat out there then???
    Hope you are fit & ready for Geneva trip


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