Saturday 1 May 2010

Motivation required

'Some say I'm lazy, and others say that's just me, some say I'm crazy, I guess I'll always be...'

Certainly lazy on the training front this week. Despite my first triathlon being next week, lacked the motivation to get out and swim or run. Managed to put a few hours into cycling and badminton though, which I guess is better than nothing.

Cycled with the 'Wythall folk' for the first time since I lost my teeth in that accident last year. Was a wee bit apprehensive at first but proved to be a good trek. I reckon there must have been about 12 of us in all (including Ron and I) and we cycled part of the TROAD route plus additional sections both on and off road that I have never cycled before. Cycled down 'pig trot' lane, which was nice. No accident for me this time round, but I did knock another fellow of his bike - all apologies Mr Harrison if you are reading this. My second cycle was a solo trek which took me through those familiar naughty woods from Astwood bank and into Oversley Woods via country lanes in and around Warwickshire and Worcestershire. My knee has not suffered any major pain and is probably now that I should get back on my road bike and start doing longer distance cycling.

Played badminton again after work with the guys from last week (plus Carl) which was pretty awesome. I purchased a new racket and it's had a fair share of use already. Indeed, after playing with work folk, I met up with my friend Sarah (who I nurse trained with about 10 years ago) and played some more. Sarah beat me big time! Grr. After we played for about an hour, we 'joined' a club (un-officially) and had several more (free) games with various others. Am not sure if we are gonna see the likes of this club again, but suffice to say, it was fun.

Weekly totals: Cycled 58 miles (5 hours, 14 mins); Played badminton for 2 plus hours.

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