Friday 19 December 2014

Doo and his case of Man Flu

Groan! First week of training for my theoretical PBP 2015 event and I felt as rough as a badgers.... Yup, poor old Doo was suffering with a case of the dreaded man flu.
My training plan was simple. I ride various set distances each week up until PBP starts. As the months roll on the distances will gradually increase but the odd week here and there will be shorter to allow for rest etc. I hope to, for the most part, use my commutes to make up the distances I set myself. The qualifying events need to be squeezed in somewhere, and of course, I'll use my best bike for those events. My goal was to cycle 60k this week...
...And, I achieved my goal! In actual fact, I cycled 66k, all in a single jolly. I took my single-speed road bike out and cycled a route that took me to the Fish & Anchor pub and back. This pub was the self same one where I was rescued after my DIY perm went wonky a few weeks back. This ride was all good - God had painted a lovely rainbow in the sky and I got to test out my new Rapha cycling jersey.
Next week will be interesting as I have a number of goals I wish to accomplish. I plan to cycle at least 60k again, run on at least one occasion and start the Rapha Festive 500 challenge (even though I already have the shirt - ha!) Oh, and I hope to have a lovely Christmas with my family.
Merry Christmas all! Peace out! May all your miles be merry!

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