Friday 26 December 2014

Hogswatch 2015

Hope you all had a super Hogswatch aka Christmas! I did! I was spoilt as usual and amongst my parcels I received a book to record all my cycling adventures - how cool?! Sure enough, 'you can never have too many bikes', and on that note, my wife and little Lunar got me one more cycle to add to my collection!
My plan for this week was to cycle at least 60k (week 2 of my PBP training), run at least once and start the Rapha Festive 500 challenge. Am pleased to report that I achieved all these objectives.
I cycled well over my 60k target and covered just under that distance on my first ride of the week, during my work and back commute. This was a great ride and my last before Christmas. A great night was had before I cycled home as I had festive drinks with Jamie, Andy and Shane at the Canalside cafe/bar. Thanks you guys, you rock! The only slight menace was that I was sharing the tow path with at least 2 big fat dirty rats on my commute home. Ugh!

Managed to complete my targeted run. In fact, I ran twice - once to work and once back. I covered just over 5k on each trip and this was the first time I had ever completed a run commute. My run into work was fine and I felt great. My return run was more difficult and my legs really ached. Listening to Mogwai and Pixies on my iPod was a good choice and helped my mind wander away from thoughts of pain.
The Rapha Festive 500 is a challenge (now in it's fifth year) that requires a cyclist to cover 500k in the week between Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve. I completed this challenge last year (first time) and sure enough made a start this year.
On my first Rapha Festive 500 ride, I cycled an 80k jolly. My single-speed road bike was my steed of choice. I essentially cycled a wiggly way to Evesham and back. Got a little confused on route as the signposts to Evesham proved a trifle difficult to interpret.
On my second and last (for the week) Rapha Festive 500 ride, I completed a 100k commute. (My theoretical PBP training weeks run Saturday - Saturday). I had to cycle into work and cycled back by adding as many twists and turns as I could, including a bit of off-road. I wanted to use my lighter bike but the temperature was 0C and many places were frozen - so my single-speed cyclocross bike with it's winter tyres was the obvious choice. At this point in time I have completed 36% of the challenge.
A rather silly commute, under normal conditions.

Next week, I hope to cycle at least 320k and complete my 3rd week of PBP training (70k) and complete the Rapha Festive 500 challenge. I also hope to let the New Year in. Am sure next year will be fun of adventure!
It's goodbye from Santa and goodbye from Doo!

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