Sunday 7 December 2014

''I dunno why anybody's doing this'' - A trailer for an LEL 2013 film

‘’In the summer of 2013 MadeGood films followed six cyclists on a remarkable feat of endurance, that took them from the heart of London all the way along the length of Britain to Edinburgh, and back again in under five days. Travelling a little over 1400km, a distance many multiple times further than most of them had ever ridden before, the cyclists were not only tested physically, but faced a mental challenge that forced them to look inside and find resolve they never knew they had’’.

I was one of those six cyclists! Better yet, I have great delight in sharing MadeGood’s trailer with you. Please follow this link and enjoy:

‘’Following on from the award winning success of The Art of Repair, London Edinburgh London will be the most ambitious release from independent film company and social enterprise, MadeGood films. Originally backed as the official film of London Edinburgh London Audax ride, the film was awarded seed funding from the organisers of the event. This money went part way to pay for the expenses incurred during the months of planning and filming stages of the production. Over the last 18 months the film has become a labour of love, as we’ve worked tirelessly to get it to a state that we are proud of and excited to show to a wider audience’’.
As with all riders who participated in the film, I have been invited personally to the premiere screening in East London next summer, and will receive both a physical and a digital copy of the film. My name will also appear in the credits too! If you would like a guaranteed place in LEL 2017 then please click on the link above and see how this may be possible.
''I dunno why anybody’s doing this!'', was my closing remark on the trailer. Apparently, this caused a belly laugh when it was shown at the AGM/reunion. Awesome stuff!

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