Saturday 18 April 2015

No PBP. Another PB. A forest. Training for the olympics.

Today I did not ride my planned PBP 300k qualifying event. There went my plans for PBP. Not to worry, I successfully completed same in 2011. I've got the medal. I haven't got the shirt though because I gave that to Chris.

Today I ran my 5th Parkrun at Arrow Valley. I finished in 40th place out of 336 runners and had a time of 21:51. That meant I had again achieved a PB (personal best) and ran my fastest 5k ever! Phil Brown was running today too which was nice. He also achieved a PB and felt I had inspired him to do so.

Wanting a new challenge, I asked friends and family for suggestions. Gary suggested the London or New York marathon. Jamie suggested a 5k run in under 20 minutes. Most folk gave no suggestions. I liked Gary's suggestions. Jamie was just being silly.
Have entered the ballot for London Marathon a number of times but never got a place and have missed out this year. It would be a lovely marathon to run - I know this because my lovely wife completed it in 2012. New York is a lovely place (have visited) but I couldn't possibly afford a flight and stuff to get there and run. Am sure I could enter another marathon though...
SJ running the London Marathon
And that's exactly what I have done. I have entered the 'Heart of England Forest Marathon'. This is a 26.2 mile, off-road run, that starts and finishes in the Medieval market town of Henley-in-Arden. The route passes through Ullenhall, Coughton, Alcester and Aston Cantlow - all destinations just a spit away from where I live. Entry was only £15 and my entry fee ensures that one native tree (Silver Birch, Oak or Beech) will be planted in the new forest. How cool is that?! Will have plenty of time to train too, the event is not until 3 Oct 2015.
Heart of England Forest Marathon (suggested route)
Got a buzz from all this new excitement. In my eagerness I started training for the Olympics as can be seen in the video below. I wonder if I'm pushing things just a little... Doo training for the olympics

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