Saturday 25 April 2015


On reflection, the past week wasn't so bad on the training front. Well, it started well but just ended a trifle pants. Hmmm.

Monday was a bicycle commute to work and back. On my trip to work I cycled a stretch I had never cycled before and indeed there be dragons! On my return I nearly killed a few folk because despite my bell ringing they just didn't want to move out of my way.

Tuesday was a run commute in both directions. Running from Cadbury's into work felt fine. However, during the return plod I felt tired and out of puff. Despite my mantra 'I'm running away from work', I still felt awful. I ran approximately 8 miles in all. I'm not sure if this counted as a long run as it was in 2 parts.

Wednesday was a repeat of Monday. Well, kinda anyway. Another bicycle commute but on familiar route and no death wish folk.

Thursday was my biggest run in months, probably years. I ran 6 miles all the way from Kings Norton train station into work. This run felt good and it took me just under an hour. Felt nice to be wearing my new running vest/jacket thing too. Am not sure if this run was 'long' in the grand scheme of things, but it was a long run for me. I hope to run a long run at least once a week now.
And that was that for my week. I had hoped to enter Parkrun on Saturday but that didn't materialise. Sadly I felt whacked, de-motivated and generally fed up and couldn't push myself to run. On top of that I had to work too. Phil had ran Parkrun and had gotten another PB (well done!) - if I was certain he was going to be there perhaps I would have attended too. Aid was a no show due to his bust ankle. On the subject of running downers, John Mitchum is now beating my expected best results on Strava too. Grr!

To end this blog on a brighter note... Got an email from Madegood and they reported that the London-Edingburgh-London film is going to be screened (premiere) on 1 August 2015. How awesome! Click here for LEL film trailer.


  1. Maybe you need a Rest Week. Every fourth week you should take it easy .... Like a Sunday morning 😎

  2. Haha, maybe you're right. I think this constant 6 days a week at work is starting to take it's toll too.


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