Sunday 12 July 2015

Coach SJ

I would so very much like to complete an IronMan event one time. I guess my weight and lack of experience are the biggest stumbling blocks in my way at the present time. One day I hope to compete in same. Meanwhile, I will continue training (for my upcoming triathlon and marathon events) and take inspiration from a couple of my hero's (pictured below).
Below is reflection on how my training for the week went. Could always do more. Could always push harder.

Monday. Started the week by doing what I do best - nothing! Felt some-what demotivated today and despite my head wanting me to run, my legs and the rest of my body just said 'no'!

Tuesday. A better day. Again my legs wouldn't allow me to run or cycle to work. However, once home, my head and body in partnership felt an open water swim would be a great idea. Better yet, my wife SJ, daughters and father came along to spectate.
Doo the (wannabe) triathlete
I managed to swim 3 x 750m laps around the lake which was my goal. My father gave me constructive criticism and told me that, essentially, my arms were flapping like a big bird. SJ was more helpful and gave me cues on how to improve my swim. My second lap was better, I kept my arms closer to my head. SJ gave further instruction and told me that I needed to bend my arms more (elbows higher than wrists). My third and final lap was much better again (though far from perfect). Was helpful having SJ there in the capacity as coach and I hope she'll come along again. Was great having my daughters (and dad) there too, even if Lunar did cry every time I got into the water.
Lunar, Melody and Pops (SJ took pic)
Wednesday: Easy run. I ran the Studley Triangle which I have ran lots of times but not for a while. Should find/create a local 10k run really...
Studley Triangle 5k
Thursday: 10k run, interval style. I followed the formula 10 mins warm up; 3 x 1600m run (with 3 mins recovery); cool down to finish. Quite bizarrely, I followed in the shadow of another runner all the way from Kings Norton into Town. Every time I neared this runner he'd put down the gas. I never quite caught him.

Friday: Bike commute to work and back. Perfect weather. Shame not all the folk I work with are shiny, happy people.

Saturday: Diddly-squat. Lack of motivation. Not enough sleep.
Sunday: Not a thing. Too tired to open water swim in the morning. In the afternoon, the Wimbledon final was on, my wife and kids were home, the weather was pants... Really struggled with motivation again. Voices in my head said 'don't do it'. Maybe this rest will bode well for my Isoman triathlon planned for next week. I do hope so....

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