Sunday 26 July 2015

Re-start. Focus. Go.

Not sure what really happened the past couple of weeks but it wasn't great. Decided I would focus harder this week and get back into things. Tolls syndrome was still hanging about and my head space was filled with a little disappointment following my Isoman DNS. So much so, Monday was another missed opportunity where no exercise at all took place. However, I did cut down much bush from the front of my yard which mentally made me feel a trifle better.
Tuesday was a much better day. Not only did I get back on my single-speed road bike and cycle a short 17 mile circuit, I also ran straight after doing so. My run was real short, just over a mile. I think they call this sort of phenomena a 'brick'. Later in the day, I went for a jog with SJ. Yup, you heard me right - SJ and I ran a mini Studley triangle. I reckon that was the first time SJ had ran for like 2 years or more. Let's hope she doesn't leave it another couple of years until the next outing.
Wednesday was another great day. I hooked up with my buddy Roger and we took The Beast out for a blast. We cycled (fairly) familiar roads to the back of Ragley Hall and then stopped at a cafe for some delicious beans and egg on toast. We washed this food down with a mug of tea. Back on the tandem we cycled through Alcester and then stopped at my gaffe to meet my family. It was great introducing Roger to SJ, Melody and Lunar. Lunar loved the tandem and even took a shot on the back saddle. Lunar had never seen such a strange looking bike before.  
Roger and I didn't cycle far once we left Doo Little (my abode). We spotted my parents at their dwelling just around the corner. Would have been rude not to stop and have a natter.
Final push was essentially a trip along my commute route. How strange it felt to cycle through Arrow Valley Park on a tandem. Of course, we didn't cycle to work, we cycled back to Rogers. Great day out in mixed weather. We covered just over 70k and I'm already looking forward to our next adventure.
Thursday was another brick session. A 20k cycle followed by a 5k run. Strangely, my legs didn't feel so weird during the transition. Maybe brick sessions are the way forward?!
Friday was a rest day. Of sorts. SJ's sister got married on this day. How awesome!
Lunar and the bride (Jackie)
Saturday was the day I completed my long run. This long run was a half-marathon. A half-marathon, just for fun. Ouch, I ached big time afterwards!
Long-run, 13.1 miles (21.1k)
Whilst uploading my long-run route on Strava, I could see someone had sent me a message. Low and behold it was Terry, who sent the lovely following words:

''Yo Doo ! I was just mooching around web and stumbled across your signature on LEL video trailer -  made me laugh and chuckle a bit. You are a star and source of inspiration.... I'm looking forward to seeing your face on my living room TV in next month or two when my LEL DVD arrives.   Ride safe my owd matey -  hope to see you again soon.  Terry from Bury....''

Kind words indeed. Terry really is a legend! To quote myself, I wrote the following words about him during my LEL adventure back in 2013:

Another awesome part of this stage was that I was cycling large portions with Terry. Terry was a real nice guy and I had passed him at the start in Loughton (we just exchanged a friendly 'hi' there) and caught him again at a control but was unable to chat as I was on the phone. Anyways, during this stage we chatted loads. Terry said he felt some strange emotion when he saw me and believed I helped him get through the Holl and Back 600k event. If truth be known, it was Terry who helped me get through said 600k event - he proved to be both a navigator and inspirer. I enjoyed Terry's company a lot - he likes real things in life and appreciates stunning scenery and has this great ability of spotting many a folly (well, it was an old bridge on this occasion). Terry likes to tour whilst cycling and his love of what he sees is very admirable. God's creation is truly awesome. In retrospect, this was probably my favourite part of the LEL adventure.

Sunday was a day of rest - like it should be! My legs were too whacked to do anything really. Am pleased I got my mojo back and hope next week will be as great as this.

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