Saturday 18 July 2015

Tolls Syndrome

Moomin Toll
Last week I commented that I had done little on the training front and that I was lacking motivation and energy. My friend Jamie remarked 'it sounds like you've caught 'Tolls Syndrome'. Toll, is (was, ha!) a friend of ours who I reckon Jamie was having a friendly dig at. How confused was I when my wife butted in and said 'I had to look that up [Tolls Syndrome]... and yep I think he [me] has'! This caused for some research of my own.

Tolls Syndrome is also known as 'burn-out syndrome'. Some of the signs include long hours at work, unhealthy habits, irregular behaviour, psychological symptoms, a general feeling of being overwhelmed and feeling like your life is devoid of purpose'. Hmm, I tick at least four of those listed options (won't spell out which ones).

Stranger still, Tolls Syndrome is alleged to happen probably because you're a great professional devoted to your work (I like to think so), you take too much care of everyone else around you (I like to think so), and you think you have super-powers (c'mon, of course I do, I am mighty)!

Whether I had Tolls Syndrome last week, I can't be sure. However, there was evidence I had it this week! I had at least 2 shifts that were over 12 hours long. Ate unhealthily. Wont comment on my behaviour. Held a belief that I was poisoned. I really was unwell and felt that I was 'tripping out' at times. Could well have been poisoned. Paranoid, maybe - but there was an evidence base to my thinking. To top that, I'm sure my work colleagues will testify how professional I am and how I try so hard to look after them (okay, may depend which colleagues you ask but hey...) Truth is, I did no exercise at all this week and am looking for a feasible excuse!

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